• VoIP
  • How to choose a VoIP provider?

    Are you interested in innovative solutions? Do you want to use VoIP technology and do not worry about phone bills? It’s time to think about how to choose a VoIP provider and what to pay attention to when deciding on a particular provider. VoIP service provider VoIP technology allows you to communicate with other users […]

  • VoIP
  • What is VoIP?

    This time, I decided to briefly and clearly explain (I hope) a comprehensive and interesting topic which is VoIP . Quite often, I get questions about the profile of the company in which I work everyday: you work in a company that offers VoIP services, but what does it really mean? What are you doing […]

  • PHP
  • Doctrine2 entity changeset for relations

    Doctrine2 offers very powerful API for getting entity properties that have changed. This can be achieved using Doctrine\ORM\UnitOfWork. We can call: Doctrine\ORM\UnitOfWork::computeChangeSets() to compute all the changes that have been done to entities and collections and store these changes; Doctrine\ORM\UnitOfWork::getEntityChangeSet($entity) to retrieve all changes to our entity object; Doctrine\ORM\UnitOfWork::getOriginalEntityData($entity) to retrieve the original data of […]

  • Conferences
  • TDD with BDD in PHP and Symfony – my presentation at the LDNiB conference

    Below I’ve attached slides from my presentation about Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development in PHP from “Lubelskie Dni Nauki i Biznesu” conference. The main reason for my presence at this particular conference was the opportunity to talk with students and not only, on the potential job / internship in Level 7 Systems – as we […]